Bve Western Region

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Waterloo & City Line

It gives me great pleasure to introduce a new bve route.
The London Underground Waterloo and City line, also known to some people as The Drain.

This route features:

  • A working Atp system with Full speed manual, and Restricted manual modes available.
  • Working Opo cctv screens when the train approaches and departs a station.
  • Fully working LUL signals and tripcock system, as well as trainstop reset procedure.
  • Station ambience
  • Various passenger numbers according to the selected time and day of the week
  • Fully working in cab station announcer system.

Once again it is important to read the manual before driving this route, so as to understand how to operate the train.

Download it from :

Any issues or problems please post them in the bveworldwide forum.