Bve Western Region

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Future releases

Apart from the Central and the Waterloo & City lines. We have a few other routes planned in the future,  both tube and something else ;) so watch this space.
This is our main video page where you can find any video previews of up and coming openbve routes:
It is also advisable to keep an eye on the Bve Worldwide forum.  Any route updates are usually posted there first.

There is currently a work in progress, complete with a new train and area that has never been built for bve.

Following that will be a new demo I have planned; which in turn will lead to a full route.

We also intend to upgrade the central line code, to hopefully remove a considerable amount of lag, as well as finish the route of course. On top of that the ATP system is going to be finished, along with some extra bells and whistles for the 1992 stock.

For those of you enjoying the routes, please continue to do so. :)